Upcoming Events

Events are organized every 6 – 8 weeks and members are from a mixture of agency, client side and start ups. It is an excellent opportunity to meet fellow search professionals and catch up with the latest news in the industry.

Our last in-person event was our birthday party, celebrating Search London turning 12!

Our next event will be online.

We have two great speakers talking about the “Importance of People-First Content” and “Multisearch vs. SEO Optimization How To Optimize my Website for the Future” on Tuesday, March 28th.

Kesar Rana and Veronika Höller

Kesar Rana will present:

“How to Rank Higher on Google with People-First Content”

Ranking on the first page of Google seems like a daunting task. Getting higher rankings while differentiating your site from copycats and ChatGPT seems more challenging in 2023.

Providing value to your audience has become more important than ever since Google’s helpful content update.

How can you make your content better for the user, which is written by humans and give value to your audience while also ranking higher in search engines?
In this presentation, Kesarwill share some simple, practical tips she has learned over the past 5 years

  • How to write engaging, helpful content
  • What elements of On-page SEO to optimise
  • How to match your content with search intent
  • Include quotes from SMEs
  • Include first-hand experience

Following these simple practices will help you write for the user, improve your search ranking metrics, generate more leads, and eventually establish your site as an authority in its field. (You do not need to use ChatGPT).

Veronika Höller will speak about:

“Multisearch vs. SEO Optimization How To Optimize my Website for the Future”

The power of multisearch is awesome. Google algorithms are becoming more and more intelligent and we as SEO have the opportunity to push our site and rankings not only with good textual content.
The Google MUM algorithm is a powerful technology that answers complex questions with the ability to use audio, video, images, and text, plus return the answer using information regardless of language. Using the Google Lens app, a user can take a picture then swipe up to access the “Add to Your Search” button which then opens a form for adding text.
Now we have so much more chances to be ranked for. The search engines are adapting to today’s search behavior – they are becoming more interactive. Many say SEO is dead, Veronika says it just needs to be rethought. She will show us how we try to to master this new dynamic with our global websites and shops.

Purchase your ticket on Eventbrite to guarantee your place. The event will be for two hours and will also include networking using a platform called Remo. You will be able to virually sit with at different tables with other attendees.

See you on March 28th at 5pm BST/6pm Berlin/Paris/Barcelona time

Purchase your ticket on Eventbrite to confirm your place.




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