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Search London is a meetup group for those in SEO, PPC and Social Media or anyone who with an interest in the search industry. Events are organised every 8- 12 weeks and members are from a mixture of agency, client side and start up businesses. It is an excellent opportunity to meet fellow search professionals and catch up with the latest news in the industry. It is also a chance to meet with these people and learn the latest strategies for promoting search in the marketing and business world in general.

JTurnbull and TSheed

Many speakers at Search London are well known names within the industry who share their insights in the world of search.
Jo Juliana Turnbull (SEOJoBlogs) took over the meetup in October 2010 and since then has grown the membership from over 200 to over 2800. Tim Sheed joined in September 2013 and has been co-organizer every since.

If you would like to be involved in the upcoming events, please contact SEOJoBlogs or Tim Sheed.

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The Team behind Search London is Jo Juliana Turnbull (SEO Jo Blogs) and Tim Sheed. Jo took over the meetup group in October 2009 as organiser. After running the meetup for over 2 years, Tim joined as co-organiser in 2013 and has been part of Search London ever since.

Jo Turnbull


Jo Turnbull

Jo Juliana Turnbull is the organizer of Search London and works with many brands and agencies as well as entrepreneurs who speak and sponsor Search London meetups.

Jo Turnbull is a skilled professional in SEO and online marketing with 9 years of experience in digital (both client and agency side). Jo set up her website SEO Jo Blogs in 2009 (http://www.seojoblogs.com/) after she started in career in SEO. Her blog was originally aimed at keeping up to date with news in the search industry. However, more recently she has been interviewing well known search professionals such as UK Search Award winner Barry Adams as well as entrepreneurs such as, Social Chain Co-Founder Steve Barlett.
Jo is also regular blogger on award winning State of Digital (www.stateofdigital.com) where she has organised media partnerships with other search conferences around the world.  Jo has lived in 9 different countries and visited more than 40, she shares her tips on travelling on a budget on her travel blog, Being30.com.

Tim Sheed


Tim Sheed

Tim is a digital marketing professional who has been helping a wide variety of clients improve the results they achieve from their digital strategy since 2003. Tim oversees business development and client services and Digital Agency, Tela. 

SEO and Search Marketing has always been a great area of interest to Tim who met Jo after attending some of the first Search London events as a guest before starting to help organise the events as Search London steadily grew in size.

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