Search London events take place on a weekday evening at a central London location. People usually start turning up from 6pm so have a drink and a chat before the talk begin at 7:15pm – 7:30pm. We pre-record the talks so if you are not able to attend in person, if you RSVP you will receive a copy of the presentations.

We usually have two or three speakers talking about hot topics from the world of search marketing. Recent speakers have included Wix, Google, USwitch, Vodafone and The Train Line. Each talk lasts for roughly 15 – 20 minutes with an open Q&A session afterwards where the audience can quiz each speaker.

We are constantly looking for new speakers, sponsors and venues for Search London. If you have a topic you would like to present to the group, fancy getting your brand in front of 2000+ SEOs or have a fancy office space in your office we could borrow for an evening, please get in touch with Jo Juliana Turnbull or Tim Sheed @SearchLDN

We have been lucky enough to work with many brands over the past eleven years. We offer our sponsors the chance to:

  • Share their tips and brand marketing messages to over 2000 people via email
  • Promote their product or service over the different social media channels
  • Meet and network with an engaged and targeted audience

Some of our past sponsors and speakers include:

BuiltVisible, Linkdex, White.net, DeepCrawl, Searchmetrics, UnGagged, Kaizen, theMediaFlow, Distilled, White.net, Lukasz Zelezny, Rough Agenda, Pierre Far, James Carson, Blue Glass, Jellyfish, Chilli sauce, deCabbit Consulting, Re:Signal, Strategiq, Aira, WriteMySiten Waves PR, Digitas Lbi , Expedia, Performics, Forward3D, Resolution Media, Trainline, Wix, BuyaGift,  Performics, Koozai, Explore Group, URL Profiler, Filip Matous, Hot Point Digital and How to Make My Blog.

We have a variety of packages for any sponsorship which includes promotion of your brand across social media, emails and at the event itself. Please note we do not give out email addresses to sponsors, we send messages to our attendees on your behalf.

As we move back to in person events, we are preparing for more Search London events 2022. If you would like to get involved, we would love to hear from you. Contact SEO Jo or Tim Sheed.

Some of Our Past and Current Sponsors

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