Search Engine Optimisation Acccreditation Strategy Session (SEOass)


December 8


06:00 pm - 06:00 pm


Search London


The Cock Tavern Pub

27 Great Portland Street

London, GB

We’ll be meeting at The Cock Tavern in Fitzrovia for the inaugural (and probably only) meeting of the SEOass committee.

Something serious may come of this – we may come up with an accreditation, certification, system of peer review or method of linking something up with the IAB to create an independent body which is tasked with raising the profile of SEO in a positive light and establishing a code of practice, also widely circulated and publicized.

We’re also just looking for an excuse to gather in a bar and theorize about the state of the industry, snake oil salesmen and dodgy SEO agencies but something may actually come out of it and wouldn’t you like to say “I was there when SEO ASS became a reality”?

Besides… we all want the “certified SEO ASS” badge

6pm at the Cock Tavern in Fitzrovia UPSTAIRS.

We’ll be the unlikely lot of drunken SEOs. Someone might even have a nice big sign “SEO ASSes HERE”