Reverse engineer your competitors’ marketing efforts & Mobile SEO in China


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The last Search London event of 2016 will be on Tuesday, November 8th from 6:30pm


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Featuring two great speakers:

Filip Matous and Owain Lloyd Williams.

Filip will be speaking about “How to reverse engineer your competitors’ marketing efforts.”

You will learn all about

  • How your competitors are reaching your market

  • Which traffic sources are bringing the volume of attention to their website (+ballpark costs).

  • You will also hear about the entire sales funnel they use to convert website visitors, including the software they use to assist the journey.

Filip is  not the most creative guy around – he often prefers reverse engineering profitable marketing strategies that competitors use and copying what’s working. You can learn more about visiting his website and checking out his new book “How to Get Your Website Noticed” – Macmillan, 2016

Our second speaker of the night is Owain Lloyd-Wiliams. Owain is a China SEO and digital specialist who works at Hot Pot Digital. Working with a range of Western luxury, travel and lifestyle clients, he helps brands grow their presence in China through localised strategy across a series of platforms unique to the region. 

Owain will be talking about “Baidu Mobile SEO in the Age of WeChat”. Not only is mobile SEO for Baidu vital given China’s 700 million mobile web users, it is given added gravitas due to the prevalence of China’s one-stop wonder app, WeChat and the potential for content and site integration through the platform.

Look forward to seeing  you all there.


Jo Turnbull and Tim Sheed